New Voices In Live Performance at CPR



A collaborative project between 2 musicians and 2 dancers. 

Premiered at Center For Performance Research, June, 2013


"Hallways" is a project questioning what exists when installation, formal performance, improvisation, and planned structures are merged together. It is about creating a heightened state of attention between the performers, as each of the four, whether musician or dancer,  works with each other as sources of information from which to make their next decision. It is about the separation and coalescence of structural and stylistic ideas as they are brought about in the moment, and the view of active creative work is brought to the forefront. It is an audience experiment. An effort to create a space of choice for the viewer. They are given maps as the enter, of the space, of events, with suggestions about how to view, and how to feel while viewing, and an invitation to openly mill around, or to pull up a chair if they feel like concentrating in a still way. 


A continuation of the project after the premiere. Blue and Gray Day.

A video adaptation of Hallways.