The Living Frozen/Hiver Scene by Logan Company



the Living Frozen is a work for three dancers and one musician. A photographic study on the experiences of winter. We create a suspension you would recognize only in the swollen moment right before the first snow fall of the year. A heightened feeling of the worst or the best that could occur. We create a land of isolation, refusing the audience a predictable experience. Stark images projected across faces and surfaces, each detail a random happening, finding purpose only in the commonplace inexplicable

stagnant        distances

suspended        glacial falling

heightened        isolation

expectant        survival

a photographic study on isolation. A heightened sensory experience made possible by multi media immersive environments. Live music. soft sounds. little islands in the space which isolate the performers by distance as well as experience.


A device in which each section of the stage acts as a different catalyst to specific experience. Each box separates the performers but also pulls them into oblivion, isolation, space. The crinkled floor provides a shared and reactionary experience. The photographic quality of movement gives the audience a heightened __. swollen and anticipatory, while at the same time doing absolutely nothing. 


anticipating the worst, or the end. an unintelligible sameness of land and sky. a never ending plane fielded by ____.


each image allows you time to enjoy and dissect. 

an environment laid stark and stagnant against the growth of a full year. 


endless onslaught. its not going anywhere. it cant end because it doesn't have a finishing point but it will stop. you just don't know when. SECTION ONSLAUGHT. anticipatory tasks. fighting against a fan and paint blowing hard at your faceā€¦in the end the wind cuts out and you are left completely destroyed. one event stagnant, one event moving through time and space. traveling forward to accomplish the stop. 


concepts of winter

A stark feeling is all thats left. the feeling that someone used to be there. that you might have just watched someone. empty platforms and a chill in the room.

muffled and alone- a deserted place. quiet all around you- a quiet that is so clean- a white quiet- open and expansive. 


sparse. crisp. space. sound.

I have some thoughts about time and different ways of moving based on temperature...3 women sort of melting into each other, a glacial pace, a view of bodies deteriorating, at the end of all the deterioration maybe something in the way of sounds is triggered by our final fall, music or a projection or somethng. but a short slow vignette where you just get to enjoy the visual makeup of 3 bodies slowing falling and crumpling and fading. 



mapping out a sensory memory, the evolution of one experience throughout the years of your life- take snow for example. You have memories that are hazy- that you may or may not have actually a very young child, the excitement- the play- the layers of clothing that your mother insists you wear out. the pain of the chill leaving your fingers.  then the growth into school days off because of snow- or the constant hope that that will occur. the change of excitement to annoyance as you realize that snow is more of a hinderance to adults who don't actually get snow days. and the specific people that you recall in big fuzzy hats with red noses and eyelashes coated with white flakes.

An angrier side of winter: